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DMX-512 is working but led outputs are not changed

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This issue is relevant for LED Driver LDD-01 firmware version 1.00.

DMX-512 is working but leds are still black. This problem is because firmware version 1.00 has a "feature" that all outputs are changed when 512th byte is received. On firmware version 2.00 and higher this behavior can be disabled. If you are using our usbDMX driver or uDMX dongle some software don't send all 512bytes unless you are using them. To avoid this problem we created a small application named usbDMX Config Helper which sends all 512bytes to DMX Driver - this initialize DMX driver to send all 512 bytes thru DMX. The usbDMX Driver will continue to sending 512 bytes until it is plugged out from USB. It is available in the download section of our page, or you can use this direct link .

  • Install usbDMX Config Helper
  • After you plug in usbDMX Driver into USB port, run the application, click to "Start Sending" button.
  • Wait for a moment, for initializing all of the usb devices
  • Click to "Stop Sending" button and close the application
  • Now you can run any application, and it will works (Freestyler/DMXControl)
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Even the white LED lights which are available do not produce completely white light. These actually have a bluish tinge which can affect the color temperature of any photo. The tinge is caused because of the LED light emitting both blue and yellow light together to try and look like white. This can make the image look cold.
Shooting RAW
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