Portfólio spoločnosti

Attendance system

Floor Runner

Attendance systemAttendance system of our company satisfied all terms and it is still very simple and transparent. It is highly configurable and gives you an options to extensions using plugins. We are still analyzing requirements from our customers and we integrate them one-by-one.


Floor RunnerAplication Floor Runner is designed to drive LED floors. It works with our USB driver and allows you to create very interesting shows.


Led Runner


Led RunnerAplication Led Runner je určená na ovládanie LED svetelných reklám, podláh, stropov a stien. Spolupracuje s našim USB ovládačom a umožňuje Vám vytvoriť zaujímavé kreácie.


USB DMX SuiteAplikácia USB DMX Suite je určená na prácu s USB ovládačom. Umožňuje vytvoriť ART NET klieta a mapovať jednotlivé univerzá na DMX ovládače, pritom môžte nastavovať množstvo parametrov. Aplikácia taktiež umožňuje nastavovať množstvo parametrov pre USB ovládač.



Card readers

TerminalsTerminals are devices with display, keyboard or touch panel used for setting/reading additional informations in attendance systems. Our products are great looks and are very solid.

Card readers are used for person identification. Our readers are connectible to all offered terminals or to PC via USB cable or RS232 cable. Newest version is connectible also thru LAN 10/100. They are made in many looks - from white plastic to deluxe wood or glass.

LED Diodes

LED Drivers

Because of high demand we adding LED diodes and LED strips to our pages.



LED drivers are used for driving LED diodes and LED strips. We offers these variants:

Development kits


Development kitsWe prepared new development kits on USB bus for our customers. In all kits there is a bootloader for easily application update using USB port without need to buy a expensive programmers.

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